Vacation Day 3 ~ DisneyQuest and Downtown Disney

Day three was one of the more relaxing days…we got to sleep in for once! After getting up, we went to the hotel’s buffet, and feasted on all sorts of goodies and treats! ¬†After that, we spent a good 6 hours at Disney Quest, Disney’s five-story interactive arcade! We designed our own rollercoaster, created a song, played classic arcade games, and raced in NASCAR! After that, it was time for dinner. But not in the traditional sense. Justin and I decided to try something out called “Fork and Screen” at Downtown Disney, where you sit in a movie theatre, and there’s a dine-in service for a full meal! Needless to say, that was one of the coolest movie experiences either of us ever had. ¬†Later that night, we went back to the hotel and watched Duck Dynasty, relaxing before getting ready for our final day in Orlando.