Vacation Day 2 ~ Magic Kingdom

Another day with a high in the 90s, but it was well worth it! Arriving at the park around 9:15 AM, we sprinted to Space Mountain to go on that ride first, creating a fun video about the ride as we went along the line!  After that, we covered every ride in Tomorrowland, then went to each “land” so to speak and went to every single ride, with the exception of five! Unfortunately, our trip was forced to a screeching halt when we were in line for Splash Mountain, our “last ride” goal of the day. The skies were growing dark with clouds, and Disney staff said they saw lightning, so the ride was temporarily shut down! We were allowed to stay in line and wait until the weather cleared, but when the skies finally starting clearing up, there was an announcement saying the ride now had technical difficulties and we had to leave the line! We waited an hour and a half in a line that barely movedonly to find out we were being told to leave the ride!  But we got some great pictures regardless, hope you enjoy!