Vacation Day 1 ~ Epcot + Hollywood Studios

Waking up at 3:30 AM wasn’t fun. Neither was getting in a car at 4:30 to drive to Newark International Airport. However, once we got in the plane at 5:06 to fly down to Orlando Florida for the next five days, things started looking up!  After arriving, my brother and I dropped off our bags at the hotel, and headed straight for Epcot.  We spent about half the day there, going to just about every single ride!  Then we took the ferry over to Hollywood Studios…again, going on every ride we could!  The high was just over 90 degrees, so needless to say, we were sweating quite a bit! However, the cooling/misting stations around the two parks kept us from overheating.  Here are some shots we snapped throughout the day!  (I apologize for the blurry quality in a lot of the pictures…I had to manually focus while on a moving ride!)