Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a videographer? I mean, everyone has cell phones, etc. So why should I pay for a videographer?

This is a very true statement! With the prices of cameras dropping and the quality of cell phones increasing, why have a videographer? Because there are some things Uncle Jim, or your friend who’s studying film in college may not know to get. Not only would that be a drop in actual camera quality, using an iPhone, for example, but it would also be VERY difficult to get the same look as a professional wedding video. Furthermore, I’ve been to several weddings where an uncle or friend was “just filming” for “his own personal use” the entire day. I often find that while they mean well, they are more often than not the ones that are very obtrusive at the church, or are having difficulty getting proper lighting at the reception.

Also, the Huffington post has reported that 98% of brides recommend getting a wedding video.  I’ve filmed weddings where the groom surprised the bride with a special dance, or a father has recorded a special song for the father daughter dance. Photos capture these moments well, but they’re frozen in time. Reliving watching your face light up is priceless.

So ultimately, it comes down to two questions for you to consider: “Would I rather save money for an amateur video?” and “Are pictures enough?”

What all will you capture?

Firstly, you will have a large say in what is and is not filmed on the day of your wedding. First off, even the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner can be filmed, which a vast majority of brides don’t realize. Months down the road, brides try to recall what wise words of wisdom their cousin had for them, or what funny story the groom’s college roommate told.

Secondly, the day of.  I usually start at the bride’s house, or at the hotel where the bride is getting ready, to film her getting her hair and makeup done, getting the atmosphere as the bridesmaids are all getting ready, as well as getting the photos taken at your home.  After that, I’ll be at the church getting detail shots of programs, guests arriving, as well as the bride arriving in the limo and heading into the church.  I film every part of the ceremony with two cameras, so I don’t miss a thing, and stay with the newlyweds for the photo session, to cocktail hour, to the reception until cake cutting. After cake cutting comes the bouquet toss and garter removal, if you should choose to have those. Then I capture the atmosphere of the party after that, and leave shortly thereafter.

Everything is up for discussion, be it not going to the bride’s to get her getting ready, or staying until the very end of the party.

Will you be discreet? Will I know that you are there?

The most often thing I hear from brides is that they didn’t even know I was there. While I do interact with the bride at the preparations as well as photo session, for the key events like the ceremony and reception, I am very discreet and get all the shots I need to make your video perfect. I’ve had priests come up to me after the ceremony and thank me for my respect for their church as well as my discreetness, which I pride myself highly on.